1.  Inform your offender/client you are recommending them to a 12-week anger management program. Tell them the group               start date.

2.  Give your offender/client Mitchell Frank’s phone number and tell him/her to call as soon as possible to get enrolled in the            upcoming group.  Phone: 920-216-2323.

3.  Inform your offender/client that the cost of the 12-week anger management program is $25.00 per week and a one-time               charge of $25 for workbook and materials. Total cost of session 1 is $50.

4.  Inform your offender/client that there is a strict attendance policy and if it is not followed they will be terminated from the              group and be expected to restart the next scheduled group from the beginning, not where they left off.

5.  Inform your offender/client once they contact Mitchell he will ask for some basic information and mail or e-mail address, all            the specifics and logistics of the upcoming group within three calendar days.

6.  One week before the start of the program Mitchell will telephone the client and will explain and discuss the information they          were mailed and discuss any issues the client may have.

7.  Once group starts, all absences are reported by the next day to the referring source (if necessary).  The client’s are expected           to call Mitchell and their referral source regarding why they missed group.

8.  Absences are made up on an individual basis and must be made up prior to the next scheduled session.  Make up sessions            cost is $40.00.

9.  There will be two formal written evaluations on each client a midterm and a final. 

10.  Certificates of Completion will be awarded and presented to each participant meeting the requirement of the A.C.E. Program.


 Individual / one-on-one Format

 Call or e-mail Mitchell.  Individual sessions cost $50 per 45 minute-75 minute session

 If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact or call me at 920-216-2323 or email  Mitchell at [email protected] or [email protected] .

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