Client Comments

Listed here are comments written by past participants enrolled in Mitchell’s past programs. These comments are taken from the instructor’s mid-term and final assessment. These comments are done anonymously

Mid-Term Comments: “Any additional comments you wish to make?”

I think the group covers a wide range of levels of anger.”

“Overall I think the class is great!”

“I’m so glad I’m in this class It takes work but I can’t explain how much I’ve changed and still can. Mitch does a great job.”

“Overall so far it has been very helpful – These things take a lot of practice though I feel myself reacting to my anger negativity, less. In the beginning it was somewhat painful to be aware of my anger issues.”

“Mitch, you are hilarious!”

“I’m glad that I am in this class to help me control my anger.”

“Helps a ton with my children.”

“Overall a good class –more Zen techniques needed.”

Comments from the Final or end of program Instructor Evaluation

“What about the group or instructor makes you feel comfortable?”

“Humor, willingness to help – Purposeful – I know he cares about helping people.”

“Knowledge and humor”

“Instructor talks like one of us and not like a teacher”

“You are laid back, you make the atmosphere fun and relaxing.”

“The humor and down to earth way he was.”


“First meeting when the instructor told us he felt that we weren’t bad people, we just needed the correct tools”

“Openness of discussions.”

“Use of good truthful examples and realistic language use.”

“He was an excellent instructor he made the class worth my while!”

“Mitch is good!”

" When Mitch uses humor to get a point across and bullshits with us.”

“Sense of humor and still does a good job teaching us.”

“That the instructor is pretty honest and is not just another teacher.”

“His examples are cool.”

“He talks to the group like one of us, excellent. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor.”

“His ability to joke around and yet teach.

“Being friendly.”

“What I like about the group most is...”

“I have been able to reduce my poor responses to anger and people have noticed a change.”

“Mitch makes it fun and not a drag.”

“Free and open discussions”

“It actually helped me with my anger.”

“We get to say how we feel.”

“The instructor made it enjoyable to be there.”

“the group discussions”

“Interacting in role-play”

“the style of teaching.”

“The instructors use of HUMOR! Or sense of.”

“I learned from it”

“Relaxation and materials presented.”

“Learning ways to control my anger and how to look at the other side of the coin technique.”

“The openness everyone seemed to have.”

“I learned something.”

“The way Mitch teaches.”

“The nice ambience that is created with the background music and techniques taught.”

“Lots of good tools.”


“What I learned.”

“The Instructor.”

“Relaxed atmosphere.”

“It helps me to better deal with my anger.”

“Getting together and learning from each other.”

“The way Mitch teaches.”

“The way things are explained, better than any teacher I ever had.”

“I like the way Mitch teaches. It’s real easy to understand and he gives anyone who wants to learn every chance possible to get it right.”

“Learning new anger techniques.”

“How real the group is conducted.”

“Would you recommend this group to anyone who has an anger problem?”

" YES NO WHY? " ( For sixteen years I have been asking this question and there has never been a “NO” recorded )

“Because it was fun , helpful & educational and it helped me to seek action to deal with anger and am grateful it was available. I know a LOT of people with anger issues.”

“You can learn a lot of ideas, hints, and tricks on dealing with anger or people with anger.”

“Because it’s a good class that anyone could use.”

“The instructor is a good person and just wants to help.”

“Because it’s a group you actually won’t get bored”

“It really does help.”

“It gives you many ways to deal with your anger.”

Material is presented very well. Instructor always helpful.”

“It’ll help them control their anger for life.”


“To help them realize their anger is not only hurting themselves but other people.”

“Everybody can use it.”

“Everyone could benefit from some or all of this material.”

“To use good tools for the rest of their life.”

“Any comments about anything that was not asked or the instructor should know about?”

“Keep using your sense of humor and I’m sure you’ll keep the interest of future groups.”

“You are a good instructor and person and you helped me a lot. Thank You!”

“Instructor did very well.”

“You explain things in a language I understand. I have already referred you to at least six friends and two family members. No ass kissing intended! Just a great class!”

“I think the group covers a wide range of levels of anger.”

“Overall I think the class is great!”

“Thanks Mitch! You’re GREAT!”

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