Anger and Conflict Etiquette (A.C.E.) is evidence based educational and cognitive based anger management program designed to educate individuals about the "etiquette's" of anger management and conflict resolution.  Simply put Mitchell teaches people "how to be pissed off properly".

 A.C.E. Training is designed to educate participants through role-play, lecture and experiential demonstration about the "etiquette's" of anger management and conflict resolution.  A.C.E. is an "educational and cognitive" based program for angry and aggressive individuals who exhibit poor impulse control and lack effective assertiveness and communication skills.  Specifically, people who do not get along with coworkers or supervisors, have been in fights, involved in domestic abuse, had contact with the law due to their anger, or generally get angry all the time over things other people would ignore, need to learn "how to be pissed off properly."

 Most people get angry only occasionally, express it moderately and get over it quickly.  However, one in five suffers from "toxic" anger that's overly frequent, intense and / or long lasting.  A person has a problem that needs attention if they…

  • Get angry every day, or...
  • Get very angry--you'd rate it 8 on a scale of 10, or…
  • Stay angry for a day or longer when something gets you going.

 The Goals of the A.C.E. Program are to help individuals:

 1.  Learn techniques to reduce anger and aggression.

2.  Understand what causes people to feel angry and act aggressive.

3.  Develop competence and confidence in handling anger and conflict situations without hurting themselves or others.

4.  Utilize cognitive strategies and anger reducing principles to eliminate anger distortions and thinking errors.

 OBJECTIVES: The participant will be able to:

 1.         Learn and use the "Etiquette's" of anger management and conflict resolution.

2.         Role-play situations that are anger provoking and have gotten you into trouble in the past and possibly the future.

3.         Learn specific strategies to handle their anger and the anger of others.

4.         Recognize their anger triggers and how to handle them.

 The A.C.E. program utilize components from Dr. Hendrie Weisinger's Anger Work Out Book, the Anger Management Workbook and Curriculum by Rich Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD and Anger Management for the 21st. Century by Anthony Fiore, Ph.D.  as its primary sources for learning effective anger management techniques.  It is supplemented with a variety of effective anger management "Tools and Etiquette's" and Experiential Activities developed and instructed by Mitchell Frank a 35year veteran of Anger Management programs.


The A.C.E. program meets two and one-quarter hours per week, for 12 weeks, and averages 90 minutes of homework per week.  It is currently funded through participant fees, which are $25 per session. 

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